Here are a few fun
and sometimes useful
things I've created.


There are numerous sub-genres in electronic dance music, which makes it hard to distinguish between them - even for music lovers. This game was created to educate myself and others in this.


Removed from the Chrome web store, installing manually still might work.

Look away to pause YouTube videos. When Chrome released its FaceDetector API, I built this experimental extension to evaluate how good it was. Turns out it works pretty well.


The policies for wellness allowance in Sweden are very arbitrary. This little quiz game is trying to highlight that.



Freeze replaces the new tab page with a mesmerizing cinemagraph every time you open a new tab. At this moment i have curated 400+ cinemagraphs in total. Click here to fetch another one.


Spring physics makes animations look more fluid and organic. But it's not easy to understand the outcome based on the input values while coding. This interface lets you find the perfect combination of values for anime.js.

quick preview

Soundcloud closed their API, this doesn't work anymore.

Soundcloud is full of excellent mixtapes, but it can be hard to know what kind of music they contain. This extension plays short audio samples from different parts in the mixtape to give you a better idea, before you hit play.


It's tough to know what's good when browsing Systembolaget. This Chrome extension adds Vivino ratings to wine, Untappd ratings to beer, and Distiller ratings to liquors. Helping me make more informed decisions.


Palladian architecture is repetitive but captivating. This application lets you generate and play with architecture similar to that. Created over some beers with my good friend Christian.