Here are some exciting things I created while scratching itches.

With so many different sub-genres in the electronic dance music scene, it’s hard to distinguish between them - even for music lovers. To educate myself and others, I made a web based quiz game about electronic dance music styles.


FacePause is a Chrome Extension that pauses Youtube when you look away. Or going for a sandwich. This was built to experiment with Chrome's new FaceDetector API and its capabilities.

stalk comments

To discover new music, I often browse the comments of my favorite SoundCloud users. I made that kind of stalking easier with this web application.



Freeze replaces your new tab page with a mesmerizing cinemagraph every time you open a new tab. Click here to fetch another one.

quick preview

For movies, we have trailers to sample is its worth our time and attention. For music on soundcloud, we have… Quick Preview. A Chrome extension that makes it possible for people to pre-listen to a track on Soundcloud by hovering over it.